Searching for a Rainbow in October

Brixham Does Care goes Global in search of a Rainbow for its October Zoom Singalong

IT’S HAPPENED!   BRIXHAM DOES CARE virtually went GLOBAL in their latest Zoom Singalong online.   Hosts Martyn & Josephine Paddon linked up to the usual gang for the monthly get together under the theme of “St. Clements”, based on the nursery rhyme/game “Oranges & Lemons”, and sang songs, most containing reference to the colour YELLOW, originally sung by artists including Joni Mitchell, Elton John, Donovan, The Kinks, Tony Orlando & Dawn, The Kingston Trio, Christie, The Beatles and Bryan Hyland.
On display were some oranges, lemons, limes, bells, blankets, balloons, pot plants and flowers, plus some yellow ribbon, gilets jaune tabards, candles, a chopper and even a bee and a yellow bird, together with a yellow taxi.   Alas, no polka-dot bikinis zoomed into view, and the yellow submarine remained submerged!

The BDC Zoom Singalongs were originally targeted at those living in Brixham and the surrounding area, who previously attended social events held in the Brixham Does Care Café, but could no longer do so, because of Covid-19 regulations.   Those living in Brixham soon requested that invitations be sent to friends and relatives across England and Scotland, and in no time, were making new friends in Devon, Cornwall, Berkshire, Stirlingshire, Glasgow, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire and the  West Midlands.   Having covered most of Great Britain, this time they were joined by the son of one of the regulars who lives near Brisbane, in Australia.  At last, there is a suitable rival to Trotters International Trading!

The next scheduled Zoom Meeting isThe BDC “RAINBOW” Zoom Singalong on MONDAY 11th October 2021 at 2pm. Please note the change back to MONDAYS from now on. Our theme this time is RAINBOW (or Save it for a rainy day) and again, the dress code can be ANYTHING YOU LIKE, in any colour of the rainbow! You could simply dig out the rainbow poster or creations you displayed earlier in the corona virus pandemic on Thursday nights to thank the key workers in the NHS and elsewhere

Given that you cannot have a RAINBOW without first having some RAIN, a number of the songs being sung will have references to RAIN and RAINBOWS.   None of us wishes the summer to end just yet, which is why this particular theme has been held back until now, not wishing to tempt providence and cause some inclement weather.   However, it might be wise to keep an umbrella handy, just in case.   Preferably, rainbow coloured!  Of course, fancy dress is not obligatory.   It just adds to the fun.  Taking part is the most important thing.  Either way, we’ll all probably end up wet.    

If you would like details of how to join a Zoom Meeting, contact Martyn Paddon via email: or by phone on 01803 851438 and you will be sent an email containing the https://…..Link , together with the Meeting ID and Passcode.  Everyone is welcome.  You will need a laptop computer, tablet or an ipad.  Hope to see you there. Martyn Paddon, Chairman, Brixham Does Care

(Top) Martyn & Josephine/Kezia/Jeff/Judith (Bottom)Frances & Mike/Barbara & Duggie/Trevor/ Shelagh & Norma
Irene plus Lindy & Rob
Judy (Close up)
Shelagh & Trevor Collins (Close up)

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