I could write a sonnet !

Oh, I could write a sonnet about the Brixham Does Care Easter Bonnet Zoom Singalong:

BRIXHAM DOES CARE celebrated Easter virtually when they hosted the BDC Easter Bonnet Zoom Singalong online.   Hosts Martyn & Josephine Paddon were joined on parade by friends, family members, carers and regular BDC attendees, plus residents at some of the local care homes.   The colourful display was equally worthy of anything ever seen in any reputable magazine’s *ROTOGRAVURE.   Once everyone had been checked in, gossip exchanged and compliments paid to the creations on show, a singalong ensued, featuring favourite songs by artists ranging from Jim Reeves to The Three degrees, Nat King Cole to The Monkees, and Roy Orbison to The Beatles. Top song for the occasion, of course, was Bing Crosby’s version of Easter Parade. As if that wasn’t enough excitement for the afternoon; one brave participant treated all those present to his own special rendition of the same song….. on his saxophone!   Well done, that man.

 The next scheduled Zoom Meeting is: –   The BDC Caribbean Calypso Zoom Singalong on Monday 10th May 2021 at 2.00pm.   If you would like details of how to join a Zoom Meeting, contact Martyn Paddon via email: violetsrest@hotmail.co.uk or by phone on 01803 851438 and you will be sent an email containing the https://…..Link , together with the Meeting ID and Passcode.  Everyone is welcome.  You will need a laptop computer, tablet or an ipad. 
People may choose to wear something like a Caribbean shirt/blouse, or a lei round the neck (strictly speaking, Polynesian garlands), or even dress up like Pirates of the Caribbean!
Anything that reminds you of that part of the world.   Of course, fancy dress is not obligatory.  It just adds to the fun.   The most important thing is to take part.
Hope to see you there, perhaps suitably attired in something from your dressing-up box.
*See Lyrics/Dictionary/Google

Martyn Paddon
Chairman, Brixham Does Care